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Who is ILD and what does the company do?

ILD is a leading payment processor of online transactions between merchants and consumers. Using ILD's Bill to Phone service, merchants can offer customers the option of billing products and services directly to their home phone bill, allowing them to make purchases without having to disclose credit card information or open an account with that merchant. ILD currently processes in excess of 120 million transactions per year, equating to approximately $.5 billion of third party charges placed on telephone bills.

How does the bill to phone payment process work?

ILD works with well-known telecommunications companies, as a trusted resource for bill to phone. After a rigorous approval process, first by ILD and then by the phone company, ILD is allowed to place charges from third-party merchants

  • Consumer purchases product or service (For example, a consumer may order his or her internet service and elect to have it billed to his or her home phone).
  • Provider equips consumer with product or service.
  • Provider sends transaction information to ILD for billing.
  • ILD places charge for product or service provided onto phone bill, distributed by local phone company.
  • Consumer receives bill from local phone company and remits payment.
  • Local phone company remits payment for third-party services to ILD.
  • ILD remits payment for these products and services to the providers.
Bill to Phone Payment Process

What do you do to protect consumers against cramming?

ILD has stringent policies and procedures to guard against cramming and we continually strive to improve them. We take every measure possible to ensure we are working with merchants that do not engage in this practice, including background searches, review of merchant's customer acquisition methods, and adherence to strict authorization verification procedures. We view our role as a first line of defense in guarding against consumer fraud, and as such we actively monitor our merchant customer's business practices. ILD remains vigilant in mitigating unauthorized transactions, continually refining our processes to avert deceptive marketing or fraudulent activity, and we proactively participate in consumer forums to provide a clear path to resolution for consumers. As a result of stringent business practices and systematic authentication tools, we have terminated billing agreements with merchant customers found in violation of our policies.

To read ILD's Position Statement on MSNBC's Recent Article and the Practice of "Cramming," please click here.

What kinds of things could consumers choose to bill to their home phone bill?

Many services from third-party providers can be billed on your home phone bill to simplify the purchase process and increase protection from identity theft. For example, consumers can add technical support, internet dial up and accepted collect calls to their phone bills. Online services, like movie downloads, music downloads and online periodical subscriptions, can also be included.

Why use ILD Teleservices when there are credit cards?

Charging services from third party providers like NetZero or EarthLink to the home phone bill is simple, quick and secure. ILD Teleservices is designed to be a safe way to pay and avoid the risk of sharing a credit card number or providing access to a confidential checking account. Paying for services with a phone bill significantly lowers risk of identity theft.

Why don't merchants just work directly with local phone companies? Why the third party?

It is extremely costly for merchants to independently set up billing with each and every Local Exchange Carriers (local phone companies). As a result, many merchants choose to outsource their non-credit card billing and back-office support to third party providers, like ILD.

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