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A Safer Way to Buy

ILD Teleservices is a leading payment processor for transactions between merchants and consumers. Through a network of 1,400 phone companies and 200 merchants, consumers can charge products and services directly to their phone bills without having to disclose credit card or banking information. ILD currently processes in excess of 120 million transactions per year, equating to approximately one half of a billion dollars (or $500 million) of third party charges placed on telephone bills.

Reaching Over 150 Million Consumers

ILD has agreements with virtually all local phone companies in North America, reaching in excess of 150 million consumers and businesses across the continent. ILD's customers include more than 200 service providers including EarthLink, LiveDeal, Eversites, Juno, NetZero, People PC and Privacy Guard.

Connecting Consumers and Brands

Millions count on the safety and convenience of ILD's payment solution when shopping online or over the phone, and more and more service providers are adding ILD's charge to phone payment option to their checkout.

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An Alternative Way to Pay

Through contractual relationships with leading telecommunications companies, including AT&T and Verizon, ILD enables approved merchants the ability to offer their customers the option of billing products and services directly to a home or business phone bill, providing a safer payment method for consumers and expanding the potential customer base for businesses.

Safeguarding Consumer Privacy

Phone billing lets customers purchase items without disclosing credit card information, banking accounts or other confidential information to the merchant. By using a phone bill as a convenient payment alternative, millions of consumers are limiting their exposure to identity theft and consolidating their billing at the same time.

Generating Business Growth

With more than a decade as a national leader in alternative payment services, ILD is not only a trusted resource for millions of consumers but also hundreds of businesses in the merchant community. ILD Teleservices' Bill to Pay solution allows merchants to acquire new customers by offering alternative payment options to those who aren't comfortable sharing credit card information online or over the phone. ILD Teleservices' client base includes telecom providers, web hosting providers, digital merchants, ISPs, and other enterprises.

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